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If you wake up miserable, dread going into the office, feel like you don’t fit in, and have a boss who drives you to distraction…

If you feel like you’ve reached a point where your career is stagnating in a small pond when you should be swimming with bigger fish…

If your stress levels are going through the roof…

…It’s time to move on.

However, that’s easier said than done with an increasingly competitive job market and an uncertain future.

It might feel impossible, but the answer is simple: you can do this.

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The Career Booster bundle is packed with tips and guidance with content from Career Coaching and Human Resources experts. This bundle gives you the tools and knowledge you need to start planning the career you want, not the career you have.

Inside, you’ll discover how to:

  • Increase your chances of landing a promotion or new job
  • Plan out a career growth strategy and path
  • Build your confidence by knowing your biggest strengths
  • Enhance your professional brand and understand your work preferences
  • Enhance old skills while developing new ones
  • …And much more including Jobsurv’s exclusive Work Profile assessment – find out how YOU like to work best and optimize your natural strengths on the job!

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Get In-Depth, Customized Guidance with a Free Work Style Assessment

“What is your natural Work Style?”

Knowing the answer to this simple question can help you to become a happier and more productive worker.

More than this, knowing your Work Style makes work a breeze by giving you critical insights into what your biggest strengths as well as motivators and demotivators.

Jobsurv’s Work Profile assessment enables you to better understand your personal work style. Jobsurv is a powerful software platform enables companies to better connect people with their work – you get instant access to their assessment - AT NO COST!

This powerful professional development tool makes it easier for you to make career-enhancing moves, giving you an understanding of how you work not just by yourself but also with teams.

Normally such assessments would cost over $100! You get instant access with the special link provided in the Career eBook.

The Work Profile assessment is the tool to clarify how YOU like to work, how YOU think about goals and outcomes, and how YOU work best with others. With this knowledge you can talk to your boss better, influence your peers, but more important – be HAPPIER at work and love your job!

Planning a career and a better job takes careful planning. You have to be focused and make the right moves. We’ve got you covered! Order the Career Booster Bundle today and you’ll get a copy of the Laser Focus guide (for an additional $50) – for FREE!

Laser Focus is an additional gift with purchase that’s an eBook and action planner in one! Use Laser Focus to enhance your career journey. With Laser Focus you will:

Learn which distractors damage your focus at work

Get valuable tips on health and wellness

Create an action plan to improve focus and concentration

Gain time management skills to make your super productive

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